Monday, December 19, 2011

Wearing Our Hearts On Our Sleeves

For many, fashion is a form of expression and a chance to display your personality. Sometimes this can be restricted, either from having to wear uniform or following dress codes. However, how you dress outside these situations is always a great opportunity for you to express who you really are.

Throughout the years there have been several social movements that have all affected the way people dress. Peoples' fashion can help form an identity and show what your beliefs are, this is still being used today in a variety of ways.

One of the most memorable movements was the punk rock era, which saw a huge number of individuals taking to wearing leather, tartan and accessorising everything with studs. This helped to represent what they believed in and is a trend that is still apparent today. Teddy boys was another terminology used where by you could instantly identify someone by due to what they were wearing; turned up jeans with leather boots.

Whether it is dressing to represent your beliefs or because you want to be part of something, fashion has always been used to help individuals identify with themselves as well as others. It is about feeling a part of something and for many, feeling accepted. Whether you cover up and dress modestly, to wearing bright coloured outfits so you stand out from the crowd, the way you dress is important. People can read a bit about the type of person you are just by looking at the way you dress. Many people have this in mind before choosing what they wear.

Slogan t-shirts have become increasingly popular of late to help portray messages to others, some have political connotations, and others are simply humorous. Either way, all have been used to express and illustrate what we believe in. You do not even have to wear anything that has slogans written on to be saying something about who you are and what you are interested in. Just by wearing products referred to as 'on trend' helps identify you, highlighting your interests in fashion and that you make a conscious effort about your appearance.

Whichever way you look at it, fashion has always been a way for us to portray who we are and what we believe in. Fashion is likely to continue in this way, and will be used for people to express themselves for years to come in the future.

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