Monday, July 25, 2011

The Outlook of Fashion Over the Years

What is Fashion

Fashion is style, image, glamour and good looks. The trends in style is fashion. It makes history with time. It brings about a change in the social norms and values. It is more like an epitome of human development influenced by various rich cultures and civilizations. The basic outline of the dress is the same. The designing styles have changed over the years. There is nothing stereotype in the making of dresses. A mixture of different cultures is seen in the designing of clothes.

The western world has seen a lot of changes with the unrest in the European countries, later the change was followed by the Asian countries also. In India, people were far from fashion conscious. Only people of higher strata of the society, like royals and celebrities could think of fashion. But now, that the transformation of the society is so dramatic and fast that fashion at large has not only changed the outlook of the society, but also changed and influenced the thinking and opinion of every individual.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Victorinox Clothing - Nothing But the Best

Victorinox is a company that is based in Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. It acquired its rival Wenger in the year 2005 and from then on, this company has become the only supplier of multi-use knives to the Swiss army. The Swiss army knife is said to be the best product made by Victorinox. They initially shared a contract with Wenger. They negotiated among themselves and as a result of it; Victorinox had the right to promote their knives as the Original Swiss Army knife, while on the other hand Wenger claimed the title of Genuine Swiss Army knife. Then Victorinox took over Wenger, as mentioned before.

Victorinox has also manufactured other kitchen cutlery under Forschner brand name and also under their own name. They have manufactured household knives, kitchen utensils, cut resistant gloves, sharpening tools, forged chef's cutlery. They have also produced lots of wrist and pocket watches. They have licensed the name to TRG Group to manufacture branded travel gear and business accomplices. Victorinox is also selling fragrances for both men and women.