Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Leather Coat: A Fashion Icon

A leather coat is a type of clothing made from the tanned hide of animals. The coat is marked as a status symbol and has various types e.g. a greaser coat, a military coat, a Goth coat etc. It is generally manufactured in Pakistan, Italy, India, Canada and Mexico and is exported successfully internationally as it has a huge market. The leather has great value and is immensely famous all around the globe as it is carries style, versatility, and classiness that no other cloth can match. It can also be worn on all types of occasions whether formal or informal as it appeals to everybody, everywhere and makes you stand out from the crowd. Not just this, a leather coat is also very usable when a harsh weather arises; it not only saves you from cold in winters but is also prone to having any effect on its exterior by the bad weather. Mostly this coat is made from the very soft and supple lamb's skin.

Since there are no protective coatings to stop the dye on the coat from going into the leather so certain restoration methods are opt by people who care for their coats. Mostly dark colored coats are easier to restore, for other colors there are many restoration kits available in the market e.g Costa Brava leather dye. You can easily follow three simple steps and make your coat brand new. First step is to restore the color, second step is to restore and correct texture and shine, and third step is to protect the coat. Most men opt for black knee length leather coats as it gives an elegant and classy look, while most women opt for more colorful leather coats with front buttons that gives them a very hip and stylish look. A leather coat generally looks the best when it has been used a couple of time, new leather coats are generally pretty stiff and starchy so to get the butter soft feel you have to wear it a couple of times to make it flexible and more appealing.

Choosing the perfect coat can be difficult; in order to combat the difficulty certain steps can be followed to shop for leather coats. Firstly, make sure you are ready to spend more than two hundred dollars since it is expensive and has a lot of quality, secondly you should look for coats that are flattering to your body and can be worn in every season e.g. hip length coats can be generally worn in all seasons and mostly suites every person. Keeping theses in mind you can shop for the perfect leather coat and make an investment that pays off over the years.

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