Monday, December 19, 2011

Wearing Our Hearts On Our Sleeves

For many, fashion is a form of expression and a chance to display your personality. Sometimes this can be restricted, either from having to wear uniform or following dress codes. However, how you dress outside these situations is always a great opportunity for you to express who you really are.

Throughout the years there have been several social movements that have all affected the way people dress. Peoples' fashion can help form an identity and show what your beliefs are, this is still being used today in a variety of ways.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Silk Knot Cufflinks - A History of Style

The Silk Knot Cufflink, also known as Turk's Head cufflinks have been around since the early years of the 20th century and their invention is credited to the Paris shirt maker Charvet, of whom more later.

The Silk Knot Cufflink is based on the Turk's head knot, a decorative knot that would have been familiar with sailors in the days of sailing ships. Boy Scout Leaders ancient and modern will also be familiar with the knot as on completion of their training course they are awarded the Wood Badge and allowed to use a woggle made using the Turk's head knot. The woggle, also known as the Gilwell woggle is not worn by other scouts.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fashion Accessories: The Power of Accessorizing

In the fashion world clothes are not enough to make up an entire outfit. With the fashion forward game of most fashion fanatics nowadays, fashion accessories play a huge part in creating a unique fashion identity and to set you apart from the crowd. What was previously underestimated is now slowly climbing its way making the world know of its power.

Little do most people know about the power that fashion accessories have in making your outfit more interesting. Just by adding a few pieces of jewelry, changing up your shoes, and donning a statement bag you'll look like you have an entire new wardrobe. Some people think that they need new clothes all the time because all of the clothes they have already worn and cannot wear them again. But actually, all you need are a few fashion accessories that you can mix and match to create a new vibe and style for your clothes. By changing up your shoes from flats to heels, or from pumps to boots, you can glamorize or casualize any clothes that you have, creating an entire new look. Also, with the continued rise of vintage clothing items on most parts of the world, you certainly don't want to look outdated wearing your most prized vintage item, right? Fashion accessories can instantly update and modernize your look by pairing your vintage piece with an exquisite and avant-garde jewelry or shoes perhaps. The power to make your outfit more modern, updated and fashion-forward is in the hands of your accessories and how you style them together.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What To Buy In Baby Hair Accessories

We all have to dress up on occasions, or even on regular days, we like to look nice and presentable. Babies have to, too, sometimes. Mothers like to have their children be well-groomed, and one way is to have them spruced up with baby hair accessories. Some specialty stores have great selections.

Plenty of items are available that moms can buy for their babies. One that they choose often times is the bow. This has been around for a long time, and girls still look good with one on.

So many different designs are found on the bow from polka dots to stripes and different colors. Some people like to match their accessory to their clothing, and others just like the design. Another design includes sparkles on the bow or tiger patterns.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Leather Coat: A Fashion Icon

A leather coat is a type of clothing made from the tanned hide of animals. The coat is marked as a status symbol and has various types e.g. a greaser coat, a military coat, a Goth coat etc. It is generally manufactured in Pakistan, Italy, India, Canada and Mexico and is exported successfully internationally as it has a huge market. The leather has great value and is immensely famous all around the globe as it is carries style, versatility, and classiness that no other cloth can match. It can also be worn on all types of occasions whether formal or informal as it appeals to everybody, everywhere and makes you stand out from the crowd. Not just this, a leather coat is also very usable when a harsh weather arises; it not only saves you from cold in winters but is also prone to having any effect on its exterior by the bad weather. Mostly this coat is made from the very soft and supple lamb's skin.

Monday, September 12, 2011

T-Shirts Online for a Cause - The Ethical Side of T-Shirts

T-shirts are not only an attractive, versatile item of clothing; they can also be a tool for benefiting others. Selling t-shirts online has long been connected with charitable organisations as a means of direct promotion but with a number of new initiatives being implemented through well-known websites, the philanthropic reach of t-shirts online has significantly widened. Not only can you look great, you can also help to give back to society at the same time! There are a number of ways that buying t-shirts can be a vehicle for positive change and help to promote a more ethical society.

Promotion of charitable organisations

The simplest way t-shirts can help charities is by providing cheap advertising. Wearing a t-shirt with the name of your favourite charity on it can help to get the charity's message out there and increase awareness across a wider section of the population. Many charities are aware of this and even provide t-shirts online and in person, for free or for a very small donation, as a way of increasing public awareness of their cause.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iconic Fabric Styles

This article provides a brief history of several iconic fabric houses and patterns including Missoni,Marimekko, Ikat and Suzani.

Missoni: Missoni is an Italian fashion house based in Varese, Italy that was founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953. They are famous for their use of a multitude of patterns such as stripes, geometrics, and abstract florals, in a rainbow of colors and the liberal use of many different fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk.

Marimekko: Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia. Unikko is perhaps the most famous and recognizable pattern from Marimekko, featuring a bold, colorful poppy design. The iconic print was designed in 1964 by pioneering Marimekko designer Maija Isola.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The World of Victorinox

Victorinox has become world famous for making original Swiss Army knife. This company was established in the year 1884 by Karl Elsener as a small cutlery workshop. He was delivering the pocket knives to the Swiss Army and by this time, his chief business in cutlery started to boom. The name, Victorinox was derived from his mother's name, Victoria and the term "inox" which means stainless steel. This company turned out to be the top preference with the professionals worldwide providing more than 300 blade style options. This company has been in the business for more than 50 years. When they reached 50 years, R.H. Forschner from New York approached Victorinox and asked the company to become their only and exclusive supplier of cutlery. These two companies united hands in the year 1937 and from then on, Forschner turned out to be the biggest brand in the whole of US.

The products manufactured are identical along with quality and being multifunctional. They are known and acknowledged by people from various parts of the world. You can easily identify Victorinox products with the cross and shield logo present across their products. You can identify the pocket tools by the logo that is imprinted on the blades' shank. The product collection of this company is based on 125 years of manufacturing and trading the high quality brand products that are made in Switzerland.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Outlook of Fashion Over the Years

What is Fashion

Fashion is style, image, glamour and good looks. The trends in style is fashion. It makes history with time. It brings about a change in the social norms and values. It is more like an epitome of human development influenced by various rich cultures and civilizations. The basic outline of the dress is the same. The designing styles have changed over the years. There is nothing stereotype in the making of dresses. A mixture of different cultures is seen in the designing of clothes.

The western world has seen a lot of changes with the unrest in the European countries, later the change was followed by the Asian countries also. In India, people were far from fashion conscious. Only people of higher strata of the society, like royals and celebrities could think of fashion. But now, that the transformation of the society is so dramatic and fast that fashion at large has not only changed the outlook of the society, but also changed and influenced the thinking and opinion of every individual.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Victorinox Clothing - Nothing But the Best

Victorinox is a company that is based in Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. It acquired its rival Wenger in the year 2005 and from then on, this company has become the only supplier of multi-use knives to the Swiss army. The Swiss army knife is said to be the best product made by Victorinox. They initially shared a contract with Wenger. They negotiated among themselves and as a result of it; Victorinox had the right to promote their knives as the Original Swiss Army knife, while on the other hand Wenger claimed the title of Genuine Swiss Army knife. Then Victorinox took over Wenger, as mentioned before.

Victorinox has also manufactured other kitchen cutlery under Forschner brand name and also under their own name. They have manufactured household knives, kitchen utensils, cut resistant gloves, sharpening tools, forged chef's cutlery. They have also produced lots of wrist and pocket watches. They have licensed the name to TRG Group to manufacture branded travel gear and business accomplices. Victorinox is also selling fragrances for both men and women.